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 July 21,2024
Looking for subprime loan offers? Contact us. We are up near the top of the list of highest rated EPCs. Fair real time pixel reporting, no 'tip the bucket and pay bull'.
 February 20, 2019
Yes, amid all the chaos regarding COVID-19, we are still open for business. We wish all of our friends and partners to stay safe during these troubling times. Work remotely - keep everyone safe - close down crowded and populated departments. Think of the future, not for an extra dollar today.
 February 20, 2019
Thanks to all we met at ASW! Looking forward to another great year!
 December 10, 2018
Holiday Season! Contact us and inquire about our schedule for the upcoming shows in Las Vegas.
 April 30, 2018
Great Vegas shows! Time to get going for the year!
 January 30, 2018
Thanks to all we met at ASW! Looking forward to Leadscon in March. Contact us now to meet up!
 September 9, 2017
Gearing up for a great season, contact us for affiliate opportunities. Honest and highest payouts available.
 August 2, 2017
Looking forward to meeting with both our current and new partners in New York.
 May 20, 2017
Our new products and offers have been keeping us busy as we keep growing. Contact us and jump onboard today!
 April 3, 2016
Springtime is upon us, check with us for our new offers and products.
 February 1, 2016
Thanks to all of all partners for a great holiday season. Looking forward to meeting up in Las Vegas.
 March 27, 2016
Thanks to all of our new and existing partners for a great LeadsCon, and looking forward to a great year.
 February 21, 2016
Innovation, creativity, and growth. Contact us to meet up at LeadsCon in Las Vegas, March 18-20.
 January 16, 2016
Thanks again to all of our partners and new contacts for a great ASW 2013. Looking forward to a great year!
 January 7, 2013
Dynomite opens our new office! Hello Sunshine, Good Bye Snow. Great to spend time with our partners out on the West Coast.
  • Lead Generation
  • Online & Direct Marketing
  • Innovation at Work
  • Subprime Finance Products
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Mobile Technology

Dynomite Marketing. An explosive mix of marketing and technology. Big company results from a small organization of marketing, technology, and call center professionals with backgrounds in high production financial applications, lead generation technology, graphic design and everything in between. Our professionals all have that ever so elusive 'crossover' experience in each of these fields, creating that 'explosive mix' of people that know how to get the results. Where some other organizations lack the creativity and originality, we do not. Dynomite currently specializes in product offerings for online lead generation forms for cash advance websites, card finder websites, credit card processing, direct marketing solutions, custom coding solutions, and much more. Contact us for a listing of our web properties in the cash advance, credit card finder, credit card, education, and insurance verticals.

Dynomite was originated with the philosophy that if you can't have fun doing it then it isn't worth doing. Our 'office atmosphere' or corporate culture is light, humorous, honest, refreshing, and hard working. We are always looking for ways to grow and create opportunity for us and our partners.

To contact us, please call 1-888-342-0007 or email us at contactus@dynomitemarketing.com .
To write, please address one of our two locations.
West Office -
Dynomite Marketing, LLC
Donner Drive, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406
East Office -
Dynomite Marketing, LLC
645 E Pittsburgh Street #106, Greensburg, PA, 15601

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